About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Katherine Sloan, a dedicated mental health therapist with a heart full of stories and a passion for helping others.

My Journey

Born and raised in a small, humble town in Georgia – often cited as the poorest county in the state – I learned early on the value of determination and dreaming big. This drive propelled me from the comforting, yet limiting, boundaries of my hometown to the University of Georgia, where I earned my Bachelor's degree. The journey didn't stop there; it took me all the way to Arizona, where I completed my Master's Degree.

My Life Beyond Therapy

When I'm not in my therapist's chair, I'm probably soaking in the rich melodies of live music in my hometown of Asheville, NC or sharing bits of my life and insights on my YouTube channel. You might also find me cruising along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, lost in its breathtaking views. But what truly fills my cup is the time spent playing with my four amazing kids and cherishing quiet dinners with my partner.

Understanding Both Sides

This year marks two decades of my career as a therapist. But my experience isn't just professional; I've been in the client's seat too. Having been in therapy myself, I understand the courage it takes to start this journey and the incredible growth that comes from it.

Let's Connect

I believe in creating a space where everyone feels heard and understood. Whether you're facing life's challenges or seeking personal growth, I'm here to support and guide you. Let's embark on this journey together.

I’d Love to Help

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